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About AppActuator:

AppActuator is an online and mobile platform where users hold competitions that result in the building, marketing, sales, and funding for their app idea. AppActuator started working at RocketSpace on August 1st, 2016.


Say you have an Idea, you submit your Idea. You tell us what it is and what platforms you want it in, like you want iOS and Android app or or you just want a web app. Or both.

Prototype Contest:

We interpret that and we turn it into a Prototype building competition. So, some of the best designs from all around the world start submitting their designs. You can even work with them and and have them modify their designs and get exactly what you need in your prototype.

Bid n Build :

So you pick the best prototype… and start the bidding process for you will build your app.

Now you have a good looking prototype which just needs back end coding. Another great thing is. If you have well thought of and well designed prototype it is very easy for developers to measure the extent of work that will go into the app building process and so it becomes very easy for you to get more precise quote on cost and time from the developers who will build the app.

Bid and Market & Sell:

At this time we also take it through bidding for sales and marketing companies who will give you a quote on how much it will cost to Market and in some cases sell you app.

This process gives us the exact budget of how much it will cost. So if you have that much in your pocket you can get it done yourself. In some cases, you might not have the money you can just take it to investors. Since you have everything already plugged in and you have a good budget, your likelihood of getting funded is much higher.


Finally, we also take them through our network of investors and try to get them funded. Not every idea can get funded or even needs funding but good thing for investors is that they can scope out ideas at a very early stage.

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