Céline Schmink and « Paris-Memphis », a passion for Cadence!

French artist Céline Schmink has a passion for music and cadence. She is a singer, songwriter and composer but also a so trained dancer and choreographer who built her own gesture method (The primitive approach method ©), an author and an influent fashion blogger. Céline Schmink was born and raised in Paris and has called Champagne area her home for the last 4 years. She grew up listening singers as Elvis, Robert Smith, Siouxsie, Daniel Darc and Chris Isaak. She has been playing the piano and singing from the age of nine, and writing for many french singers. She actively pursues a great independent career in the music. Her debut album “La ballade d’Anissa” (electro pop) has been launched in France, Australia and USA, last year, and got very positive press reviews. In 2013, her music has been chosen by the australian fashion brand Slinky Sleeves for parades.


She releases her new LP, “Paris-Memphis”. This LP is comprised of 13 classic tracks for a total playing time of 50 minuts. It’s a nice tribute to road trip and american bluesy music seen by a french woman. The album is partly folk and partly indie rock with a bluesy attitude and a parisian soul. Céline Schmink’s “Paris-Memphis” addresses itself to fans of romantic bluesy ballads and South music including two timeless classic folksongs she plays with a very experimental autoharp: “Lil’Liza Jane” and “Aura Lee ». These 13 tracks are sung in Schmink’s signature: a dark and emotional timbre. While Céline Schmink is an accomplished singer with many singles and tracks to her credit, she remains best known for her romance ballads “Les yeux froids” in duet with californian singer Chris’M. Last year, Céline Schmink has gained over 90,000 readers-listeners through across her numerous websites, blogs and social media sites. In France, her « Paris-Memphis Cosy tour » finds a real success with many dates and concerts. Over the past year, Céline’s been in the studio collaborating with some big names in the french business but also worked with Los Angeles based studios. Céline has adopted a unique phrasing, combined with her very emotional vocal type. She’s now working on « Héroïnescence » (with talented french musician Eric Miller), her french lovesongs LP in a Chanson genre, to be released in 2016.


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