Music LP Review: Faded Wanderings By Céline Schmink

Unique, versatile and angelic: these are the three words best used to describe the works of Céline Schmink. The French-born songstress has been thrilling the world of entertainment for several years until she finally broke into the scene in 2013 with her first EP called La ballade d’Anissa.

La ballade d’Anissa is an EP with an electronic-based genre. Although the EP seemed streamlined, she sang the song in such a unique way it captured the hearts of her fans and followers in France, in Australia and the United states. Afterward, the Indie artist decided to play outside her debut genre and explored the pop rock genre. This was evident in her first studio album, Paris-Memphis.

Céline continued to wow fans with her eclectic sound and music style that is out of this world. She went ahead to create her genre of music known as Smoky Roots Rock. In this genre, she took her knowledge of the American and Parisian rock style mixing them up and adding a hint of blues to spice it up. Her French accent makes her original style more appealing, and this has gained her popularity in the indie community. Céline, who has changed the face of indie rock and folk music, has brought more of this mind-blowing change through her new album.

The new album, which is her second studio album and fifth release, debuted in America and France in late June 2017. The songs are predominantly of the Roots Rock and folk genre. She called the new LP “Faded Wanderings” and this new release comprises of twelve (12) different tracks. The LP features a professional singer and some of Céline’s friends, which makes the album very cool and airy reaching parts of the mind a listener will never expect.

Most of the songs on the LP were initially pre-produced and arranged alongside musician and French DJ, Eric Miller before their release this year. The apparent professionalism in the album arrangement makes one eager to listen to the album several times. Frenchman, Mitch Bontemps did the Mix and Mastering of the album.

The album is embedded with a positive message in each song and that message is; ‘to love and love even when all fails.’ The album speaks about several things in life that are beginning to or that have faded away, touching the metaphoric aspects of life. These fading elements could be memories, dreams, love, passion. However, Céline urges listeners through the song to love and continue to love no matter the circumstance.

The very first song on the album ‘Solo rider’ relates to the message of the music in several levels. Céline talks about how the exit of someone important in one’s life affects the person, but she also says there is still hope for that person to either return or for new things to happen. The song is infused with a powerful message and the electric tune in the background cannot be ignored. The song is a perfect representation of the indie singer’s unique roots rock genre. The rhythmic song is filled with sounds which are intense and at the same time subtle.

Faded Wandering the third song in the album speaks for itself. The song can be considered the real inspiration behind the LP. Talking majorly about memories, history, and love, the disco-folk is one that could either be danced to at several occasions or listened to when reminiscing old loves and passion. The colorful mix of the instruments in this track is mystical with notes bouncing off the track, hitting the heart of the listener.

Another breath-taking song on the album is ‘Longboards Road.’ This piece is a captivating duet with little or no acoustic in the background. Céline angelic voice together with that of her male partner who is also a professional singer made the song one to listening to over and over. The well-composed lyrics and arrangement of the roots folk song creates an atmosphere of warmth with just one stream. It is simply magical!

One song of interest in Céline’s new LP is ‘The Wayfaring Stranger.’ The track which is a cover of the original tune was delivered in a unique blues-like way. Steve Giddings played the instruments featured in this song from the United Kingdom. The same instrumentalist play on the tracks; ‘Bayou Julep’ and ‘Actias Luna,’ where he displayed his mastery of the musical instruments effortlessly.

In a moment of carefree, playful and gleeful abandon, there is a song on the LP to make those situations more interesting. ‘Betty Midnight’ is a head-banger! The upbeat roots rock track is filled with intense acoustics and is suitable for thumping, jumping and just getting free. Céline’s words in that song ‘…I’m not that smooth; I am medium… My name is Betty; I am so bizarre…’ Without doubts shows her playful side and telling the world she’s not so perfect. The message is simply to accept one’s self without second thoughts, and it was communicated in a fascinating way possible.

Sexy Hobo is another fun and a carefree piece on the album. It is hard to find someone who wants a ‘hobo,’ however, Céline wants one to love her, not just any one, a sexy hobo. The song is playful and upbeat and has the makings of a great party song. The writer states her needs and does that without caring about what others think. Although previous romance and memories are beginning to fade away, Céline is inspired to open her mind to new opportunities to love again.

Other songs on the album are; The Ballad of Henry Dean, Tupelo, Mallos de Riglos and Hey Rhett. Like all the tracks on the album, these songs represent the roots rock and folk style of music perfectly. The lyrics have depth, and the emotion she put into the songs are noticeable from the beginning of each piece. Although her lyrics are a bit on the dark side, they relate to human daily life and experience, exposing listeners to the deepest parts of human feelings.

Just like her other albums, her love for various instruments was incorporated into this album. The electric sound of the guitars, mournful wails of the violins, tunes bouncing off the auto-harp, thump of the drums, other instruments and her soulful voice come together to create sounds that are pleasing to the ear. This proves without a doubt that Céline Schmink is the master of her game.

Over the years, she has won several awards and recognitions. One of the most recent awards was for her video clip for “Bêtes d’orage”, which she won in 2016. Céline is influenced by various artistes like; Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Daniel Darc, Chris Isaak and so on. The great role models have pushed her to become the musical genius that she has now become and her tenacity and originality just makes her better by the day. The LP Faded Wandering is proof that Céline knows what she is all about and she is willing to continue in that line.

Roots rock might be a new style of music; however, it is gaining acceptance all over the world and this style created by Céline, stands to make her famous in other countries. She is undisputedly a great musician, and she also has dancing skills that are to-die-for. Her love for dance reflects the type of music she creates, and that has pushed her up the list of artistes to look out for.

It is never enough to be a just a pretty face, and Céline has proved that beyond doubt. With her eccentric voice and style, she is changing the dynamic of the entertainment world one note at a time, and her artistry is not one that can go without notice. Her works are dynamic and listening to the songs from this LP, and her other songs are like a breath of fresh air.

Céline has created a style that has revolutionized indie music. To enjoy carefully composed music which is out of this world, stream or downloads the album Faded Wanderings today. She has set a record for greatness and changed the way we view music around the world. She will only get better with time.

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