Nashville Wedding Venues

Nashville is widely regarded as the epicenter of music in the United States. Though the majority of musicians that come out of Nashville are assumed to play country music, musicians from every genre show up to sift through songs ranging from rock to pop music. With all of this rich music history, it’s no wonder that Nashville is a very popular place to get married for couples who are in love with music.

Now that you’ve decided to have your wedding in Nashville, you’ll need to narrow down the perfect venue for your needs. With so many locations available, it can be really tough to make a final decision. Here are three Nashville wedding venues that are a great place to start your search.

Country Music Hall of Fame

If country music is your thing, then there really aren’t many places to get married more desirable than the Country Music Hall of Fame. As walk through the halls of this historic and monumental homage to the greats of country music, it will take your spirits to a new high in the minutes leading up to your big moment. Though it is a little expensive and needs to be booked well in advance, this is certainly the “tippy-top” of Nashville wedding venues.

Grand Ole Opry

Much like the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry is on a level that is difficult to make. Imagine saying your vows on the very stage that all the greats of country music have graced and taking in the all of the features of the building and its history. After your wedding, you can still have the traditional exit from the venue with all of your guests holding lit wedding sparklers and cheering. There’s nothing like getting all of those classic wedding traditions in while at the same time being able to live your dream in the center of the stage.


If you want a little bit of that country feel injected into your wedding that can only be found in Nashville while at the same time maintaining an elegant touch, the Cedarwood is the perfect place for your wedding. Set outside the city and away from the noise and busy lifestyle, you can have a beautiful wedding near the wilderness. Nestled next to a large state park and a golf course, you can have a refined Nashville wedding that is still filled to the brim with southern charm.

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