Planning a Destination Wedding in Nashville

As the country music capital of the world, Nashville is a great location for a destination wedding. With its central location in the middle of the U.S. no one is too far away from Nashville to attend a wedding there. It is significantly easier to get guests to come to a destination wedding in Nashville than perhaps anywhere else in the world.

Miles and miles of event space is available in Nashville to accommodate wedding of all sizes and denominations. This is another reason it is the ideal choice for couples looking to kick their wedding up a notch. One of the trendiest choices in wedding venues these days are rooftops and there are many of them to choose from in Nashville.

The popularity of Nashville has grown in recent years and has spread to people who aren’t necessarily country music fans but still want to experience the city. With dozens of trendy shops, restaurants and attractions, Nashville is perfect for a destination wedding because couples can easily entertain their guests prior to their wedding day. Downtown Nashville is an especially exciting place to take out of town guests to because there is something in the neighborhood to entertain virtually everyone that passes through the area.

A southern style wedding is the dream of many couples all over the country and no one does southern style weddings quite like Nashville does. The authenticity of having a wedding there comes from the general atmosphere in Nashville. Some of the best farm weddings have taken place here, but they are also not afraid to incorporate some of the most modern wedding trends like using sparklers for your wedding reception and much more.

Since many couples have their destination wedding in Nashville, area vendors are experienced at helping out-of-towners plan the perfect wedding that can go off without a hitch. The sheer number of travel vendors alone makes it easy for couples to plan both their destination wedding and their honeymoon in Nashville. This time saver is one of the reasons couples flock here to get married.

Couples that want to have their destination wedding in Nashville will have to pay an average of $98.50 for their marriage license but they can choose to obtain it the day of their wedding if they prefer. The state of Tennessee does not require a waiting period between receiving the marriage license and actually getting married, as other states do. This is also one of the reasons Nashville is a popular choice for destination weddings.

Both opposite sex and same sex couples can legally get married in Nashville. The state does not discriminate against same sex couples and they are generally socially accepted in Nashville and other cities.

Planning a destination wedding in Nashville can be very rewarding for couples. They and their guests will benefit from all there is to see and do there. Its location makes it easy to travel to and its diversity makes it worth visiting, regardless of where in the country a guest is from. Nashville has something to offer every couple in terms of experiencing their dream destination wedding.

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