Single Review: ‘Summer Song’ By Marc Daniels (Country/Rock)

Single Review: ‘Summer Song’ By Marc Daniels (Country/Rock)


Hailing from the rural area of Spokane, WA; Marc Daniels stirs up the country scene and brings a little taste of rock in to the mix. His new video, “Summer Song” caught our eye and there’s no doubt it will catch the attention of others like a rapid fire! Marc Daniels sings about the good old days and his wild adventures growing up in his hometown. Self-penned by Marc himself, his latest album: The Starting Line represents his soulful manner and brings all of those stories to life.

Marc releases the newest project from the album entitled “Summer Song.” The single is layered with Marc’s expressive verses, a gritty guitar riff, and an infectious hook that is too irresistible not to sing-a-long to. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

“The specific situations in this song were stories pulled from my adolescence. Bonfires out in the middle of no-where, friends on dirt bikes; all while playing a show on a flatbed truck to a bunch of college students, Marc says. “This song is about those years and carefree summers, we all remember growing up. The days when it seemed like time was all we had.”

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