The Joshua Bike takes 2nd place with a 1st class message


Bikers & Bibles? Strange bedfellows, maybe, but that is precisely what Chattanooga native Brad Johnson is all about. Clad in a leather and chains, standing at 6’2”, weighing about 210 lbs, sporting a goatee and a few tattoos, Brad looks more like a character from the Sons of Anarchy than your typical evangelist.

“It all started with a Bible verse and a picture that my son, Titus, drew for me of a chopper,” says Brad, who is an ordained minister and also an avid biker. He built a custom chopper from the ground up in his garage to bring a message of salvation, strength, and courage.

He and his wife and their four children take the bike across the southeast to shows and events to share their faith with the biker community, this week they won 2nd. At each show they give away what he calls, “faith bands,” that have his life verse, Joshua 1:9, printed on them. They also pass out gospel tracts that tell people about their faith in Jesus Christ. Their next big event will be at the Chattanooga Cruise-In on April 11th.

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