Why WYZworks Counterfeit Money Counter is Reliable

As far as money counters go, there are a ton to choose from. Prices vary from under $50 for a portable small stack mini counter and quickly grow from there and easily reach into the thousands. So, how do you determine how much you should spend on a money counter? You know the under $50 one is going to be too small to handle the job, but do you really have to spend thousands to get what you want?

b00s8r52oqWell… that depends on your specific needs. Let’s start out by saying that unless you are such a large company that you are literally having to count millions of dollars daily, you are not going to need to reach so deep into your pockets that you need to spend thousands on a money counter. But, then again, as a very blunt and honest car salesman once told me, “if you are the kind of person that this unit is right for, you don’t need to ask me how much it is.” Rude, shrewd and 100% accurate.

Honestly, you can take your pick of the litter when it comes to currency counters. I will say, as is often true in retail, you get what you pay for. However, that isn’t to say you can’t overpay for something as well. You need to know what you are getting, so do some homework first. (That’s why you are reading this, right?)

If you don’t have a lot of time to do your own homework (‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’ -Right?) then let me tell you what I have found out in my own time and research then.

First: reviews matter. One of the most reliable sites for reviews is Amazon. Pay particular attention to “verified” reviews, as that means amazon can verify the product was actually purchased through their website by the reviewer and it isn’t some sort of self-pumping efforts by the seller or manufacturer. Remember, we all have known those people who simply cannot be pleased, no matter what, so while it is important to read the negative reviews as well as the positive ones, it is very important to read them all with a grain of salt and an ounce of skepticism. Look for specific trends: if people often praise the same thing about a product, then it is probably reliable in that aspect, however, if there are many negative reviews about the same issue, it is probably true as well.

Second: Don’t shy away from products without a ton of reviews. If the product has a few honest looking reviews and they are all positive, then be willing to take roll the dice on a newer product on the market and take advantage of a lower price for a great unit while it is still building a reputation. Make sure the description of the product fits your needs, take a look at their return policy, and then place your order and try it for yourself.

In my research, I found the WYZworks counter. It was relatively new on amazon and the price was way lower than others which included all of the same features, plus it was on sale and it was Prime, so I went ahead and rolled the dice and… Great purchase! Not only has it not missed a bill in all of the times I have used it, but it has counterfeit detections, magnetic and infrared and ultraviolet style! I haven’t run across any fake money in my stacks yet, but my daughter did try to through some play money in my stack to “help daddy’s business” according her interrogation later and the counter sure did pick it out in a hurry.

Like I said, there are many to choose from out there, so do your homework and make your choice. My choice was the WYZworks Money Bill Counter purchased on my amazon Prime account, and I am very happy with it. Please, feel free to send me your own recommendations and experiences, especially with regard to the WYZworks machine so that I can come back donw the road and edit and add to this article. See you in a few months!



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